March’s YET Entrepreneur of the Month

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February 11, 2016

March’s YET Entrepreneur of the Month

March’s YET Entrepreneur of the Month

Devon Thompson

Excite Tours and Adventures

Toronto, ON


I am a 2005 Graduate of Kingston College and acquired my B.Eng in Industrial Engineering in 2009, among other certificates in Electrical and Photovoltaic Installation. Eventually, I moved to Canada in 2014 to pursue further studies and I now hold an Advanced Diploma in Energy Engineering Technology from Centennial College. Also the president of the Jamaican Advocate Club at Centennial College, I like to stay involved in the community and help out as best as I can. You can visit their page here.

You may ask why I chose to enter the travel industry, well the answer is this; it’s something that I love and appreciate very much, and as much as I love being an engineer, I want my life to be surrounded by all the things I love. I consider myself an entrepreneurial engineer, as Excite Tours will not be my final endeavour.Before there was Excite Tours, there was Devon and Jody. We are Jamaican born nationals now living in Toronto, Ontario. Unbeknown to us that we were about to stumble upon a great idea, we decided to tour the Entire Island of Jamaica.

As Jamaican-born nationals, we were embarrassed to hear our Canadian friends and co-workers speak about these exotic and mysterious places in Jamaica that we have never even heard about. So we pulled up our socks; and booked our tickets to Jamaica for August 2015. But we decided to go up one level above the norm, destroying any thoughts of luxury hotels and sitting on beaches all weekend. Our mission was to tour the entire island, hitting up every last exotic location until there was none left!

After we came back home to Canada, it hit us. We wanted to share our experiences with as many people as we can, and we created Excite Tours and Adventures, to do just that. We do not consider Excite to be a travel Agency or a tour Guide because we actually share our experiences, and you can not put a dollar value on that. Excite will find the best and even the most affordable path for you to experience the real authentic Jamaica.


Describe a day in your life as an entrepreneur.

Everyday single day in my life is as an entrepreneur. It’s not just about making money, it’s about generating new ideas, modifying old ones and putting them to use.

If you could go back in time to when you started your business, what advice would you give to yourself?

Go slow. Have patience and do not rush. Even if it takes 5 years, it will work out. Just because nothing is happening today, doesn’t mean something won’t happen tomorrow.

Instagram: @excite_tours

Twitter: @toursexcite

Facebook: /exciteTA

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