Young Entrepreneurs in Toronto (YET) was founded on September 3, 2014, by the author, web developer and entrepreneur Ginel Love, who envisioned an organization that could bring together young, business-minded people in a unique way. As a writer, Ginel wanted to gain inspiration to continue her work by interacting with creative people and thus the first networking event took place, featuring 2 guest speakers who were young business owners from the city and brought in 20 attendees. These monthly events became popular, attracting former mayoral candidate Dewitt Lee, and Francis Atta, an author, motivational speaker and Pan Am Torch bearer, along with many other influencers within Toronto.
On March 2015, YET accomplished an accolade of having 100 attendees at a single event which introduced them to ACCEL by Centennial College, who sponsored all YET members free business mentoring, coaching and training. Later on that year, YET received the 2015 Toronto Youth Council’s Identify ‘N Impact Award for Building Community through Entrepreneurship.
The hard work and commitment we have in building community entrepreneurship and advocating for youth are only small parts of what we do to help our community. Our future plans for this organization are to establish connections with other organizations with similar missions, hold collab events and to continue to inspire and help all youth across Canada. We believe that with your help, our organization will be able to grow and inform more youth of entrepreneurialism.


Our mission is to provide a creative, inspirational and educational community for young professionals, who are interested in starting and expanding a successful business!

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Partners Testimonials


I think YET is a well needed organization for young people to get educated on being independent business owners.

Sharanski Joseph


YET has helped me out sooo much. I’ve made many business connections at their events that got me the help I needed to start my business.

Doujone McLarty


I want to thank Ginel so much for starting YET because I’ve met so many wonderful people and this organization just inspires me to keep pushing and to get my business running!

YET Volunteer Chinwe Grace